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Kroger C-Stores

Constructing a cohesive brand family

The Result

A brand structure that
unifies subsidiaries.


A dominant player in the supermarket industry since the 1800s, Kroger is one of the largest retailers in the world. At one point, it acquired six convenience store chains across the United States, each with its own name, identity and brand.

The stores were a fantastic addition to the Kroger family. Yet, visually, they didn’t relate. Kroger asked us to find a way to integrate the chains into a common identity without losing local recognition.

What We Did

Working with the Kroger marketing team, we traveled the nation to get to know each chain. Then took our findings back to the drawing table. The end result was a new identity system that would let each chain keep its name and local familiarity. At the same time visually uniting all brands as part of the Kroger family.

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Logo Development

The new logos honor each chain’s name while drawing the group together through a shared icon. The icon’s four colors draw from legacy logos while negative space at the center becomes an outline of the United States geography across which the stores are spread.

Each brand family is unique. They require thoughtful strategy and effective execution.

Brand Application

A new visual identity doesn’t really come to life until it’s used consistently across multiple mediums. This solidifies brand recognition in the eyes of consumers.

We helped Kroger’s convenience stores adopt the new logo to the fullest extent. Exterior and interior signage, fuel pumps, point-of-sale displays, marketing materials, food and beverage containers, you name it. Each carrying forth the new brand language in a dynamic way.

In fact, Kroger started seeing such a positive response that it adopted the symbol at all of its grocery-store-related fuel stations, too.

The Results

Since the inception of the new identity, Kroger convenience stores have enjoyed more than 48 quarters of positive sales growth, and 3.5% of fuel sales in the United States. More recently, some of the convenience stores were part of a successful acquisition. We can’t help but think the visual identity played a part.

Convenience stores across 18 states
Sales generated in 2016
US fuel sales market share
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Let’s dive into this thing.

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