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Dodge City Community College

Charting a path for bright futures

The Result

A new academic logo and website that attracts
more students and builds student pride.


There are few places where image counts more than in academia. Colleges constantly engage in fierce competition to recruit students. So when Dodge City Community College (aka “DC3”) wanted to up its image game, they came to us for a fresh new academic logo and website.

What We Did

DC3 recognized our experience in academia and education. They trusted us to help them better connect with students seeking affordable higher education. And to convey them as a welcoming school that prepares people for promising careers.

  • Identity
  • Website
  • Photography

Getting to Know DC3

Colleges have a wide range of stakeholders whose voices need to be considered. We started with a series of visits to speak with students, faculty, staff and board members about who they are and who they wanted to become. To understand what we could use to set their college above the rest in the minds of potential recruits.

Higher education requires dynamic brands that capture student attention.

Academic Logo

With insights gathered fresh in our minds, we began work on the new academic logo. An update that would also pay tribute to the school’s legacy. The resulting mark brings the aesthetic dramatically forward while building in symbolism that creates new conversation around students’ academic journeys.

Website Update

Next came the formidable challenge of updating the school’s website. Taking it from overcrowded and outdated to eye-catching, intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and mobile friendly.

Many DC3 students come from rural communities where the thought of going to any college, even a small one, can feel overwhelming. As a result, the new website is friendly and unintimidating right from the start, with upbeat imagery and a simplified format. Creating an interactive experience that leads visitors on a journey of discovering the school. And always beckoning them to apply.

The Results

Website visits have substantially increased, and recruiting numbers continue to tick upward. Students and faculty feel a new sense of pride, in the school and the academic success it fosters every day.

Website visits per week
Undergraduate students enrolled for 2017-2018 academic year
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