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Tyler Frisbee


In some ways, Tyler Frisbee has always been a graphic designer. Even all the way back in his grade school days, his friends persuaded him to create logos for their imaginary businesses and unsuccessful clubs.

Though he intended to pursue a career in computer science, a high school graphics course altered his plans. As fate often does, Tyler realized a penchant for branding and identity that was rooted in his own challenges to define himself and where he fit in. Now Tyler uses that same passion and his award-winning design skills to help Gardner clients connect with their audiences in profound ways. Tyler’s secret for meaningful connection? He takes every project personally, obsessing over details to the nth degree. His readiness for any task empowers him to achieve his desired impact with infectious fervor.

When not shaping the world with his keen design expertise, Tyler spends his time designing retro video games (think: Atari 2600) and listening to emo pop-punk music.

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