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Ellen Mosiman Picked for Alley Doors Project

They design in their off-hours, too! We couldn’t be more proud of designer Ellen Mosiman, whose designs were picked for the Alley Doors project.

This post originally appeared on Downtown Wichita.

Ellen Mosiman is among thirty-eight Kansas artists selected to be included in the Alley Doors project in downtown Wichita. Selected works will assist in transforming overlooked spaces, thereby contributing to the identity and character of downtown. Over two hundred works of art were submitted including mediums such as drawing, painting, graphic design, photography and glass blowing. 
This project will utilize the submitted pieces of work to repurpose alley and back-of-building doors, turning them into a discovery driven urban gallery. The artists’ work will be incorporated into an online artwork database where property and business owners can select artwork to be printed on heavy-duty vinyl and applied to their alley or back-of-building door. The installation and launch of the first ten doors will take place in spring 2020.

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