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POD Print

The Result

A brand image that engages new audiences.


ADR Inc. was looking to maintain relevance in the somewhat crowded space of digital printers. Over the decades, ADR had evolved from a book bindery to having the latest in digital printing technology and a wide range of capabilities. From one-off prints to large-format printing and everything in-between.

What We Did

Discussions with the team revealed their true goal to become the go-to resource for mid-sized and large corporations, for all their printing needs. In addition to cost advantages, digital printing has a much-faster turnaround time. With this as our north star, we were on our way.

  • Nomenclature
  • Identity
  • Photography

Nomenclature & Logo Development

Within its industry, “print on-demand” (often shortened to the acronym POD) is used to describe digital printing, especially in cases where customers have use of an online portal to place ongoing orders for their collateral. ADR not only had this capability, but they also wanted to increase customers in this area. Thus, POD Print was born, to highlight this as their main focus.

This new, pithy name instantly opened the doors to unique logo options. In the end, the team chose a wordmark created from individual ink-drop shapes with CMYK colors. Best of all, when placed in lower case, the name and mark become an ambigram that reads the same upside down, providing a fun trick for business cards and other materials.

Becoming POD Print helped move this printer into its next chapter.


Just like in printing, with web design, the details count. The POD Print site delights visitors with subtle details and surprising interactivity. Providing information that customers need while showing off the company’s capabilities in an all-around enjoyable user experience.


After launching the new brand and site, POD Print is seeing an uptick in website visits and customer inquiries. It has also provided a boost within the workplace as it’s been applied internally, creating an atmosphere of positivity and company pride.

Let’s dive into this thing.

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