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An opportune moment.

We’re adding to our team.

Hello. If we haven’t met, we’re Gardner Design, a tight-knit group of designers and creatives based in Wichita, Kansas.

Our firm is centered around branding. And by branding, we don’t mean just logos. Rather, our work extends through everything from consumers’ first impressions to marketing and business strategy to visible manifestations of brand stories to digital tools and waypoints.

We’ve had the privilege of working with Fortune 500 companies, emerging startups, mom-and-pop shops, and everyone in between. We know the value of good people. Both those that are our clients and those that we labor alongside shoulder-to-shoulder.

Bill Gardner
Owner & Creative Director

As the owner and president of Gardner Design, Bill has produced effective and award-winning results for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to one-man shops.

He understands the nuances of brand practicalities better than anyone in the business and leads his team to first consider the business that the design is supporting.

As the founder of – the international, searchable compendium of logos – Bill authored the affiliated bestselling LogoLounge book series, volumes 1-13, and is the author of the annual LogoLounge Logo Trend Report. Summer 2013 marked the release of the highly anticipated Logo Creed, Bill’s first design foundation textbook for students, educators and professionals alike.

In September 2014, Bill became an AIGA Fellow Award recipient for his contributions to the local, national and international creative community.

Bill also judges design competitions and speaks nationally and internationally on identity trends and logo development. In his spare time, he serves on several community boards and has completed a six-year term as the Territorial Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Toni Gaston
Director of Marketing and Business Development

Toni has worked in brand management, communications, and marketing for more than 15 years for businesses of all sizes, from small to large corporations.

Primarily working in the financial services industry and in the past couple of years coordinating the marketing for clients all over the U.S. in the ad agency world. She currently serves on the board of the Wichita chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Whether she’s at work or home with her husband, Toni tends to stay busy with a number of hobbies. Her favorite hobby is running and she enjoys long group runs on the weekends that end with a good cup of coffee while watching the sun rise.

Adam Anderson
Senior Art Director & Designer

Adam Anderson has spent the last 11 years developing into a master of his craft.

His passion for artistry started early in life with a love for painting and drawing. Now he uses that same passion every day to create outstanding, unique visual branding systems for clients across a wide range of industries and sizes.

Like the rest of Gardner’s design team, Adam is an accomplished artist who remains amazingly humble. You’ll never find him boasting the multiple recognitions and publication mentions he’s earned, but they’re still there. American Advertising Federation (AAF) ‘Addy’ awards. American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) awards. More than 100 logos in publications. Design features in Under Consideration and Brand New. Just to name a few.

Outside of the design world, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He’s active in his bible study group and a runner, basketball player, cook and occasional enjoyer of a cigar and good Scotch.

Jay Walter
Director of Digital & Developer

Jay orchestrates the digital projects from start to finish for Gardner Design’s clients.

With over a dozen years of experience, he brings a rare duality of design intuition and coding expertise. Jay’s digital solutions go beyond ticking the boxes to appealing to the human in their visitors. Stories that make an emotional connection. Navigation that gets people where they want to go quickly, happily. He has a skill for identifying and ironing out points of friction, plus adding in those just-right details that elevate and delight.

Around the office, Jay’s earned his title as Grand Master Pun—if there’s a pun to be had, he’s sure to find it. Besides what he puts on the clock, you’ll find his creativity spills over while living life alongside his lovely wife and two kids.

Ellen Mosiman
Senior Designer

A talented and meticulous designer, Ellen has been brandcrafting at Gardner Design for more than six years.

Her ability to collaborate with clients, understand their long-term goals and turn that knowledge into meaningful and effective design leaves them coming back for more. Her knack for identity work continues to shine as well; several of her logos were chosen for publication in LogoLounge 11.

Ellen especially loves the process of seeing designs through, from first blush to final solution. Uncovering potential directions then narrowing and refining to perfection — the journey to results that makes it all worthwhile.

Away from work, you’ll likely find Ellen listening to indie rock and taking in a new novel, always in the sun if the weather is warm enough. She’s also an expert pianist who accompanies often and teaches piano lessons to children.

Dustin Youngman

Already a talented and passionate designer, Dustin Youngman joined Gardner Design after testing the waters as an intern for four months. Lucky for us, he decided to dive right in.

He has several years of design experience, and realized his calling while working in the marketing department for a dental office. He began using Photoshop, and taught himself the rest of the Adobe programs. It was then he decided to return to school for a new degree--in design.

Toward the end of his program, he made his move. He’d always admired the work of Gardner Design, and took a chance on emailing Bill for a portfolio review. That chance paid off.

Dustin credits German designer Christoph Niemann with influencing his open approach and not being afraid to put yourself out there. He’s grateful for how welcoming and generous the design community has been--and looks forward to returning the favor to up and coming designers in the future.

Dustin values the importance of design as a profession, and is honored for the opportunity to help each client realize their own personality, to “anthropomorphize” them, instead of a cookie cutter approach.

When he’s not creating brilliant, bold designs, you’ll find Dustin enjoying the finer things in life--cooking, fishing and enjoying time with his dog, (appropriately named) Karma.

Efe Tekdemir

Efe Tekdemir’s mission to create connection doesn’t stop at his specialties of art, animation or even branding.

At heart, he is a problem-solver who discovers unique approaches to create new types of solutions that build trust and confidence. As a designer for Gardner Design, you will find him living his core traits—curiosity, perseverance, and attention to detail—as he works with clients across the branding spectrum. His one-of-a-kind efforts help brands to resonate in the minds of their customers, and are truly pioneering the union of technology and design.

Beyond pushing the limits of design and digital innovation, you will find Efe participating in a myriad of athletic interests and planning his trip to Mars after Elon Musk.

Susan Schrader
Office Manager

Susan Schrader won’t tell you this herself, but in many ways, she’s the motor that keeps Gardner Design moving.

Invoicing, receivables, payroll—the buck literally stops with her.

Susan is also our head of first impressions. She’s the friendly voice on the other end of the phone and the smile readily greeting you at the door. She’s a true family person, whether it’s her Gardner family or her own family complete with amazing children and grandchildren.

Like the rest of us, Susan is a creative at heart. Whenever time and weather allows, you’ll find her flexing her horticulture muscle in her greenhouse, nurturing a multitude of flowers and plants to full beauty. She’s also a talented mosaic artist who hand-picks and cuts glass to create gorgeous custom pieces for family and friends.

Which brings us to the point: we’re adding a Web Developer to our team.

It’s a full-time position in Wichita, Kansas. We’re frankly not interested in a long resume or litany of accolades. It’s the work that proves whether a creative has that spark of genius. And the person that proves whether they have the mindset that spells success for themselves, their clients, and their teammates.

Though it jars our midwest sensibilities to say it aloud, the team of designers at Gardner Design has long been admired for the work we produce. Chances are, you’ve even been following some of our designers for years. Collectively, we boast hundreds of awards for work in identity design, branding, and digital design. And yet, you won’t find a more genuine team of people to work alongside. It’s a team that truly works together to sharpen each other and become better professionals and masters of their craft.

Interested? Well, take a look. We’ve compiled an exhausting non-exhaustive description of what this can look like.

Thank you for your interest in this position, but the opportunity is no longer open.

Responsibilities Of the Position

Still good? Let’s keep going.

Required Proficiencies

Checking these boxes? And for the bonus round.

Throw in your hat.

What do you think? If this sounds like you, we would be delighted to see your work. Email us a little about you, a link to your portfolio, and LinkedIn profile or resume.

Gardner Design is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, culture, ethnicity, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, or disability status.

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