WSU Wayfinding

WSU Wayfinding


“As a university, we try to move people up. The signage does that in a way. It reflects who we are.” – WSU President John Bardo

The Wichita State University campus is a remarkable place full of energy and beauty. But something had been missing from the stately buildings and meandering sidewalks. Something to help visitors (and freshmen) navigate the expansive campus.

The university challenged Gardner Design to solve the problem by developing a comprehensive signage and way finding system; but a run-of-the-mill design wouldn’t be part of the equation.

So armed with inspiration from the university’s branding and insights from stakeholders, we designed a complete signage system for the campus that successfully fused form and function.

From the bold colors, to the cascading wheat kernels, to the stylized wheat stalks sprouting from the ground, these one-of-a-kind signs are all Wichita State.

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