Open Road Brands


Open Road Brands, a leader in home decor products with a formerly-automobile-heavy product line, had expanded their designs exponentially to include brands ranging from Coca-Cola to Disney. But the smell of oil and tires still hung in the air around their branding. OK, not literally, their offices actually smell very nice. The point is, their branding no longer represented their vast and varied product lines, and fear set in that retailers would think them too narrowly focused. So we set out to build a brand that maintained a nod to their nostalgic roots, but wasn’t too visually connected to any one product line.

A logo, correspondence package, signage and website later, Open Road Brands is on its way to charting a new brand course and is ready for what lies ahead.


  • Collateral
  • Icon Design
  • Interactive
  • Naming
  • Rebranding