Get to Know Your Audience by Removing the Demographic Blindfold

As marketers and branding experts know, audience demographics are important to understand if you want to reach the right people. But are they enough? Bill Gardner discusses why psychographics might be even more valuable, because they help answer the all-important question: why?

Featured in LogoLounge 9

The team at Gardner Design explored different shapes to come up with a logo for RedGuard, which manufactures blast-resistant buildings. Art director Brian Wiens developed concepts that included a shield, a building, and human ribs, all acting as protective barriers. By combining these concepts, he created a logo that is reminiscent of looking inside an opened box at the valuable contents inside, while incorporating the company’s signature red to develop a logo that clearly positions RedGuard at the top of its category.

The complete story of the development of the RedGuard brand, as well as 46 additional Gardner Design logos are featured in LogoLounge 9.

Bill Gardner to Judge HOW Logo Design Awards

Bill knows a thing or two about logos. He designs them, identifies trends among them, he even created a special place where designers can research them. He also judges them! Stay tuned for the results of HOW Design’s Logo Design Awards, and in the meantime, read Bill’s tips on logo design.

New Campus Signage and Way Finding at WSU

Signs are up and it won’t be long before the Wichita State University campus is fully outfitted with a brand new signage and way finding system that is uniquely Wichita State. Watch a short video about the complete project, from conception to installation on Vimeo.

2015 Logo Trend Report

When logos are as engrained in your fibers as they are in Bill Gardner’s, you can’t help but notice a few similarities. Or shall we call them trends? Read this year’s Logo Trend Report, as well as previous reports that help us see where logo design has been and where it might be headed.